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Bread: Becoming Who We Are

[Sermon from the opening service in Marquand Chapel for Yale Divinity School's  Summer Study 2017]

Aidan Kavanagh OSB of blessed memory, who taught some of you here in times past and who is otherwise still fondly remembered in this place, was alleged to have said, of the familiar eucharistic wafer bread of his Roman Catholic (and often of my Anglican) tradition that the problem was not so much believing it was the body of Christ, but believing it was bread.

But try this for comparison:
A woman of forty, but who looked as old as seventy, went up to the priest after Mass and said sorrowfully: "Father, I went to communion without going to confession first." "How come, my daughter?" asked the priest. "Father," she replied, "I arrived rather late, after you had begun the offertory. For three days I have had only water and nothing to eat; I'm dying of hunger. When I saw you handing out the hosts, those little pieces of white bread, I went to commu…

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